Monday, March 28, 2011

Respect and Integrity

The issue about Carlo J. Caparas being proclaimed National Artist annoyed me back then. But being an artist born in a bit later generation, I wasn't too aware why this was a really big issue. I know I'm not the only one. Most younger artists now are not too aware of CJC's works, in terms of quality etc. I just know the titles of most of his works. His works, really now? Well, this article from KOMIKERO DOT COM, official website of famed writer and artist Gerry Alanguilan (check his works here: opened my eyes (or nose) for the issue's core stench.

This article, written and compiled by Mr. Alanguilan,  is a very comprehensive read for the not so aware dudes like me. Saying Caparas is not good for the title based solely from his crappy "Komiks" billboard back then in EDSA is not enough. This article collected quotes from different respected figures and credible critics and put updates in chronological order, making it easier to comprehend. A certified must-read!

The National Artist award is not like an "artist of year" award we get as we graduate in high school. It's also not your average employee of the year (or even of the century) award. This award is just in a different league. It's an honor that equals eternal life, as how I saw it now, for it will be forever etched in the country's art history. Having Carlo J. Caparas as a National Artist just tells us that Vizconde Massacre 2 - God Have Mercy on Us, Kuratong Baleleng and The Cory Quirino Kidnap: NBI Files (and a whole lot more) are now our national treasures. Such a rude way to disrespect other National Artists and other much more deserving ones out there.


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