Friday, March 25, 2011


For my first animation/film review, IRON MAN!

Iron Man is the first series that aired from the 4 Marvel Anime projects. It is a 12-episode mini-series featuring Tony Stark as he went to Japan and built a new Arc Station in Tokyo. In the story, as Stark arrived in Land of the Rising Sun, many speculations came out as different public opinions were stated. Some Japanese were not so enthusiastic about Tony Stark's presence and much more in the construction of the Arc Station. But public opinions were much less annoying compared to a series of terrorist attacks aimed to destroy Stark and his precious project. A villainous organization named as Zodiac, armed with hi-tech and unconventional military weaponry and sabotage tactics, was responsible for most of the attacks.

Also in this series, Tony Stark introduced a new Iron Man armor called Iron Man Dio. It was colored blue and it really looked good. This suit was designed for production and use of younger "pilots" as Tony planned to retire his superhero days. Unfortunately, the Dio was stolen early in the story and was used by Stark's enemy since then, and what a pain in the as it was.

Iron Man aired from October 1, 2010 to December 17, 2010 and was animated from the studio Madhouse which is known for Trigun, Tenjho Tenge,  Paprika and many more. While the overall story was just ok, the art was really good, as the illustrations and 3D graphics were blended seamlessly and well directed. On top of it, this series is worth watching, especially for Marvel fans.

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