Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Here's the first strip I did for BEN TABLET, early this year. Just a little intro for the comics. :D

For English translation, read more.

Translation: (may not be exact due to cutural difference in humor, though)
F1 Boss1: "You're late" Ben: "Ooops... My swipe card told me so ehehe..."
F2 Ben Narration: "I'm Ben. Ben Tablet"  F3 Ben: "A not so ordinary graphic artist..."
F4 Ben: "Whyzzit?"  F5 "DRIVER-CHANGE!!!"  F6 Maintenance guy: "'scuse me sir, i'll just get the trash. <whisper> Hell... he even littered around here... tsk tsk" Ben: "That's PROTO-ZAP to you, old man... PROTO-ZAP!"

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