Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old Works: Brawl

Spider-man is fighting two opponents here, Brock and the symbiote. Ol' black costume cracked Petey's arm. Ouch! But there's no referee.
Another punch from Spidey, Venom slides for a knockdown but the costume won't let him, forms a solid support.

But Spidey reinforced his punch with the power of his waist. Got that from Jet Li. Oh well, I wanted Spidey to win.

Did this around early 2000, college days. This sequence was part of the fanfic comics I did back then. I wanted to highlight real-life situations for my favorite Marvel characters. Here I showed how hard could it be for Spider-man fighting Venom who's like a 2-in-1 opponent-- the hulking Brock and the alien symbiote. Whereas Brock's humanly shortcomings can be filled in by the symbiote's unique abilities, that's like fighting a killer machine!

The end part of the comics showed the two fighters stopped combat due to excessive fatigue. They were fighting almost the whole afternoon, bruised all over and injured, they found out they can't almost move any longer (Spidey was pretending he could still go on, he mocked Brock who was vomiting and asked for another round. Actually his left arm's broken), well they just cursed each other as they parted. Have to find those pages. :D

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