Monday, March 07, 2011

The Real Kabalbalan Begins Here!

The official launch of Pilosopotassium blog is now! 

I would like to thank everyone who clicked this blog. February 18, I launched the test pages of this web log and surprisingly, I reached an amount of 300+ visits, plus more than 10 followers. Thank you all guys. If only everyone who browsed my posts clicked on the "follow" button and had his/her face put on the follower thumbs, I could have thanked him/her a lot better. So for now, those who are visible in the followers' box will be rewarded by a personally (I did this!) drawn lineart portrait! Read on to see them. :-)

To those who would wonder as how I got their faces, of course I searched each of their photos. To these people, you can tell me if you want me NOT to post your portrait here, just leave me a message. Now here is a pleasant surprise for my beloved followers. You may click on the image for a larger version and download it. You may also use these portraits in any way you like, ie. Facebook, your own blog's profile pic, etc. It's yours now. My thank you gift. Oh, maybe just give me the credit for drawing it. :-)

So, this is my way of saying thanks for helping me reach that first 300+ mark for only about 3 days without much web promotion. Thanks all! I'll be waiting for the 500th and the 1000th and so on views for the next sets of avatars. Exciting, really.

Anyway, back to this blog, Pilosopotassium's page will be officially dedicated to comics and art in different pop media. News, events, comic features, painting blogs, tutorials, awesome art or design sites, goodies, everything that could link interests in visual arts and well, sometimes even literary ones. So if you're interested in those kind of stuff, be sure to follow or regularly visit this blog. I'll be giving my best to hand you an awesome readthrough. 

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  1. nice one erik! thanks!

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