Saturday, March 12, 2011

Erik Katukomal's Upcoming Comics --UPDATE!

Here's another word for my upcoming comics for this year. This time, I'll give more details about it.

This is a treat for the artists and graphic designers of today.
If you feel left out by terminologies, forgive me, you're not just nerd enough.

The story will evolve around Ben Tablet, a graphic artist. Things about his profession, his office experiences, his co-workers ...and of course, his alter ego! What would a normal guy do if one day he got super powers? A question that was already answered by Peter Parker, Hal Jordan, Narda and a whole lot. Some of them got superhuman strength, agility, speed, ability to fly. Some of them mixed and matched super power value meals from the menu. But none of them knew the fearsome potential of the power to use a graphic software in the real world.

Ever heard of a hero who trapped a villain inside an alpha channel? Or prevented defeat by going notches back inside the history tab? Oh and of course, was there ever another hero who pixelated his face to protect his identity? No amount of geekness has ever reached this level!

This comics will be serialized in this blog.
Watch out this weekend. :-D ...and spread the word!

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