Sunday, February 27, 2011

GARAPITIK! Ang Gagambang May Pitik!

He was dubbed-- GARAPITIK: The Spider Without Sense!

Here is a comic spoof of the Amazing yes-he-is. Set in the urban corners of the Philippines, Garapitik, ang gagambang may pitik (or should I say may saltik?) fought criminals with stockings on their faces and semi-functional brain(s) in their thick heads. But of course, nameless goons will never be enough for us. There must be a mastermind. Doctor Ocpusit! Was that Elton John playing the piano in the last page? Well, just enjoy the action and laugh with the plot's irreverence. A warning though, NOT FOR KIDS. Click on the image for the original (bigger) size.

Here goes the 2nd part...

Garapitik was done years ago. Uhh, between 2003 and 2004, I can't remember now. Well because it was drawn in paper for a certain time, then put into digital comics after some time. It was first uploaded by author Jerk Pingol (aka Erik Katukomal? Hmmm shady... Hey that's me!) in --a great site for Filipino comic artists and writers. And also, here's the exact link for Garapitik comics: Anyway, this comic parody was a non-profit private project, done entirely by the author (as both writer and illustrator) for some free distribution of Pinoy laughs.

A sequel and an English translation for this was planned. Actually it remained a plan for about six years now. :-)