Monday, February 21, 2011

May Tama nga...

This February 28, GMA NEWS TV will start airing. Most people might think, "Oh news... very serious." NOT exactly folks, some shows will still try to tickle you. May Tamang Balita is one of them. This show is a news parody, but I'm still not sure how much. Will they feature real news, but with funny execution? Or newscast a total joke? We'll just see, May Tamang Balita will air starting March 4, that's a Friday, at 8 PM . Of course, GMA NEWS TV channel 11.


Above is the OBB (Opening Billboard), I did the storyboard for this. The final execution of the sequence and art style is not exactly the way I drew it, but I say it's really good. The artist who did the final art style and animation sequence has his own style that is also quite remarkable. Unfortunately, I don't know his name. Dude if ever you come across this article, please leave me a message so I could properly credit you. :-)

Anyway, aside from the OBB, a promo music video was also done for the show. The song was performed by Tanya Markova (again?) Markova-Guys, this is a second article for you in this blog now. Here, check this out. 

Oh I'd be so stupid if I forgot to mention, the show is hosted by funny dude Ramon Bautista with Sheena Halili and  Maey Bautista (from Q channel 11's Ang Pinaka). There's another promotional plug where in the hosts 'appeared' in some of the most popular news footages in the Philippines, like Jessica Soho's "Landmine Surprise", Garduce's Mt. Everest hiking, etc. But as of now, it is yet to be uploaded, or maybe I just can't find it. I'll have an update post when I did. :-)

Thanks to and for uploading these to YouTube.


  1. ang cute ng vid ng may tamang balita..naaliw ako..todo!pak!