Friday, June 17, 2011

Illustrations: RIZAL 150 Years

This kept me busy for a while. In celebration for Jose Rizal's 150th, GMA NEWS TV aired plugs to commemorate the Philippine national hero's contributions in the world. The said plug focused on some points that were rarely talked about, perhaps I could put them as the not so popular trivia about Rizal. That gave the good chills, the elation of rarity.

Upon doing the graphics, I found it really difficult to search for the photos needed. For example, the Sulpakan and the 3 animals Rizal discovered in Dapitan during his exile, the images were available but not too usable as for resolution-conscious dudes like us. That's the very reason for this post's existence. I'm uploading here illustrations I made, in good resolution for people who need them. I'm totally ok if you want to use these babies for whichever goodness it may serve as long as it's non-profit and you credit me for hurting my hand in drawing these fine artworks. A contribution to the man's heroic legacy.

Rizal invented a cigarette lighter, which he called sulpakan, and sent it to Blumentritt in 1887 as a gift. The lighter used a compressed air mechanism.  --I wish I could credit the person who wrote this.
Apogonia Rizali -A beetle Rizal discovered in Dapitan.

Rachophorous Rizali -A frog/toad Rizal discovered in Dapitan.

Draco Rizali -A frog/toad Rizal discovered in Dapitan.

The shot took his face off. (Haha! Not a trivia.)

This last illustration above served as the main title card for all the GMA NEWS TV Rizal plugs. It was designed by Jay Javier. Here's the link to his blog:

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  1. Sir Erik_Katukomal~~ thank you for posting this, these, that and everything~~ YOU really helped me in my Rizal class report. Thank you~~ :))