Friday, May 20, 2011


This title card above was an attempt to revive this unfinished work of mine early this year.
Bagoong Dragon was a comic (as in comedic) and action-packed graphic novel I did in the year 2003. It tells about a lost guy with no memories. No known origin, no known relatives, absolutely nothing. The only clue he had that could connect him to his past was a single photograph of a funny (rather odd) looking guy he found in his pocket when he woke up in the rubble of what seemed like a ruined science infrastructure. He then started the pursuit of his lost past and little by little discovered surprising skills that he never knew he had or existed. Then unbelievably laugh-cracking antics and trouble all mixed together.

The graphic novel was never finished. Although I was already through writing the story, I only reached halfway in the illustration phase. And the biggest "unfortunately" I could ever write here is that I lost more than  half of the illustrated pages I had when one of my illustration portfolios had gone missing in late 2006. Well that took me hard enough to accept. Anyway, early this year I went back into rethinking the concept of this book. I came back into conceptualization and finally revised almost the whole flow of the story. At that same time, I did the rough storyboarding and finished approximately 35% of the shortened story.

Sadly, I have no plans of remaking this unfinished graphic novel right now. I have just finished Basag-Tuka and currently illustrating the next title (which actually has no final title yet). I don't know, the list just goes on and poor little Bagoong Dragon is still far down. I'm just posting these old illustrations as to mark my memory that I once had these, in case I lost the remaining pages and my memories just like my main dude here.


Bagoong Dragon and all of its characters are created by Erik Katukomal. All Rights Reserved.

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