Sunday, May 15, 2011

Basag-Tuka (Final) Update (?)

For those who have just come in, Basag-Tuka is Idelut's first animation project for 2011. It's also an illustrated book, by the way, of the same title that will soon hit the shelves. The concept, story, illustration and original screenplay is done by Erik Katukomal (that's me, man). It is currently being animated under the strict technical direction of Christopher Marasigan (SPOT Film Series) with Gary George Clotario as the main animation guy and Jocelyn Recibe as support Art Director.

I won't be posting Basag-Tuka articles for a while after this, since this project is already finished in the print medium and under production in the moving picture medium. Maybe one or two, or none at all for a while. Chris Marasigan, has now stepped in as the main animation director for the project and boy I say he really had things gone a notch higher. The guy just demands more and more new elements for the animation! So, of course those new artworks won't be seen in the print. That's more job for Katukomal (who thought his share is done by now), by the way. But I'm just glad production has gotten more competitive.

Competitive. Yes, that was the word. But why competitive? Well, Idelut team actually plans to compete, and Basag-Tuka is the bullet for the coming cross-fire. Okay here are some more of the artworks used in this project. I won't be posting much about this in the coming days since I'm starting out a new project. Maybe the next article to word out Basag-Tuka is the article to bear the finished animation project. I don't know, I'll just be crossing my fingers.

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