Friday, May 06, 2011

IDELUT 2011: Basag-Tuka Update (Again)

Basag-Tuka is finished! In the book format, that is. In the animation feature format though, production is still on going. It's all bloody and dramatic as the picture has it above. Right now, I'm not sure about what I'd do with the book/print  version, whether release it on the next comic con or publish it in the web for free or wait for the other stories to complete the collection then publish. Yes, Basag-Tuka is just one installment in a collection of short illustrated stories. Well, this is my first statement to mention that. It's quite exciting really, because the next plot is actually done (writing) and some other plots are also done (thinking). I'll reveal details little by little in every update.

And of course, kindly wait up and check for updates, I'll be posting here some pages of the book (this title), and not that I'm bragging but the art works are really good. I'd say this is something I'm proud of.

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