Friday, February 25, 2011

CONTRA: Best 8-Bit Game Evarrrr

This is it guys! Contra! My most beloved 8-bit game! Actually even if I consider ranking my favorite games of all time, regardless of bit resolution or for whatever console, Contra will still be competitive at the top. As a kid I had always wanted to see the stories of the games I played. Sometimes dubbing my own dialogues into my characters gave me much more fun. Hey fellow Contra fans out there, please don't take this seriously, it's a parody! Have fun :-)

*In the game, the characters were actually named Bill and Lance. But I grew up calling them Contra (the one you use when you choose 1 PLAYER), and in this crappy article, I'd like to call the other one Rambo, because he looked like Rambo (at least for me :-).

Contra had his shirt here...

Beware man, that football-uniformed-soldier is radioactive!

First  appearance of the Robot Elephant.

Is that a vending machine (below Contra?)

If vending machines are like this, what would it sell you? It could dispense a car!

Ah! The jumping gay soldiers switched the angle so you could see Contra's ass.

Rolling giant-sized batteries?

Vendos again!

"Who did bonfires?"

Contra could be so mean without a proper shirt.

Enough said... :-) (You should see the English version, well soon.)

"Jackstone-set Attack!"

"Pink aliens... where am I?"

End of summer. Poor Contra...


In this episode, we added 8 more BITS. :-)

I wanted to do a full stage-by-stage detailed "story" for this, but surprisingly, editing only 15 frames took much time. Maybe I'll do it some other time. For now I'm looking at my other games.

*There is an English version for these (dialogues), but it is yet to be uploaded. I'll be updating soon. :-)


  1. Fan mo nako! :P


  2. bes natawa ako! galing! may chef tony's popcorn pa. our favorite! haha :)


  3. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na may pangalan pala si Contra. /{^.^}\

  4. Glenda,
    Haha ako nga din di ko alam dati. Alam ko siya si Contra. Hehehe