Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Painting Blog 04: LIMOS-SINING

This artwork is dedicated to the artists in the Philippines for such disheartening support our government gives us. Though we take different paths, some alone while some in packs, some in the brightest roads while some in the darkest tunnels, for people to hear us out, let us not forget the pride of our art. With or without listeners, let our voice grow in itself until the very day our countrymen see the real colors we mixed and prepared for them.

Painted by Erik Pingol
2' x 4' Acrylic on Canvas

This painting will be displayed at the GMA Network Program Support Department (PSD) 2011 Painting Exhibit around next week (exact date will be confirmed and updated here) along with works of other  fantastic Filipino artists.

For some WIP and detailed photos of this painting, click that Read More dude. :-)

WIP: Base paint.

That's the proof :-)

This was actually another WIP, for I added some more details in the background.


  1. Great job, Jerking! As always. Even if you're not getting the kind of support you need, you know you have us to cheer you on. Here's waiting for another masterpiece from you. And another...and another...and another... :)

  2. Thanks a lot Gail! Those were very kind words. :D

  3. Great job... The theme is really out of wording... Keep post such paintings in future too.