Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hang Tough Brothers...

What happened to Japan earlier was really shocking. I could have never imagined those news footage happening for real. What more if it happened right before your eyes? The sheer fear itself could have killed. Cars driving away from raging water, trucks being pushed by the torrent just like a small toy, and fire? It was like a disaster movie, only there were no special effects. As I'm writing this 200 were already confirmed dead and thousands are missing. Not to mention, we're still in the early phase of counting? Man, this is so heartbreaking.

If only the Ultramen were real. If only Gundams and Mazingers were real. Yeah growing as little artists, I doubt it if some of us never knew them, our childhood heroes from the East. But this tragedy, no matter how horrible, it really is REAL. But things like this, they really happen. We people from different points in the globe, all of us have had some share of national tragedy. America's 9-11, Haiti's earthquake, Philippines' Ondoy, oh dark days. Nevertheless, hope never ceased to exist. We all have had bad days. Then again, Japan is such a strong country. From a historical fall back then they got up and reclaimed their rightful place in the world, I do believe they can do it again.

Hang tough brothers, with a little help from your neighboring friends, your sun is ready to shine for you again.


  1. As the unexpected becomes real in our very eyes on a nation that we consider one of the most powerful, we cannot deny that our life is in the mercy of a creator who controls everything, not on our own hands. It could be a wake up call not just for Japan but for every nation and most especially for every individual to come to God and make our relationship with our God be most real today more than ever. God is a caring God we can still say that despite of the horror of our times. Like a loving father to his children, God wants all the best for us. Let us not put him on the sideways of our lives. So hang on my brothers...there's hope there's God. He wants to be real in every body's heart.

  2. That was a very heartfelt comment, sir. Thanks a lot. :-D