Sunday, March 13, 2011


From here starts his graphic adventures, Ben Tablet The Pixelated Hero PROTO-ZAP!
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Called himself a graphic artist, Ben couldn't even design his mask.
Electrocuted  by a crashed computer, graphic artist Ben Tablet was rushed to the hospital. Sometime after his confinement, he realized he possessed some weird, super geek powers!

Translation: "NGYAZZRKKT... So this is how it feels to be a toasted fool."
"But how can Photoshop change the world?"

At this point, Ben wasn't able to decide whether he likes Kamen Rider or Ultraman better.

His super wicked, totally insane and uberly nerd powers: to do anything Adobe Photoshop can, in the real world! Using mental commands coupled with cinematic, over-acting, art for art's sake gestures ala wingardium leviosa, he can FREE TRANSFORM, INVERT, LIQUIFY, DELETE LAYERS and a whole lot of unimaginable level of geekness!

TRANSLATION: "Here you go son, take this belt. I like my pants low."
Wearing his GRAPHIC PROTO PLUG-INS BELT, that helped his digestion and in accurately controlling his powers, Ben Tablet used his unique gift in the dark times of laziness, bad mood, perverted situations and above all in the name of justice! 

Lazy Times: What's the use of paint and brushes when there's Color Fill Command around?
Bad Mood: TRANSLATION: BEN, "Heheh... Pray that I accidentally press the ENTER or spend the whole day inside that TRANSFORM HANDLE." CLIENT, "Aak! Cccan't move..."
PERVERTED SITUATIONS: BEN, "What the--! I got my clothes' layers deleted? Ow crap!"
JUSTICE: NERD-LEVEL 5 over 5! To those who understood, kindly explain to those who didn't.
And then he was called... PROTO-ZAP!

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