Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My first featured artist in this blog, and man how I am proud to feature this guy, Mr. Roger Cruz! He's a fantastic illustrator, as his artworks below will more than tell you so. I first found his works in, a website that serves as cyber-portfolios for many visual artists around the world. I'm a member of that site too and a "devwatcher" (as the deviant community would call a follower) of Mr. Cruz's art. Through the time of watching his every new uploads, I became a fan more and more. Now, featuring him in this blog for art enthusiasts is really a pleasure.

Here are some of my favorite Roger Cruz artworks, and I tell you, these are just too few among the many awesome pieces he has.

There's a reason why this one is on top. Obviously this is my favorite work from him, 'coz I could see myself in this kid.

For those who want to learn drawing female faces this is the link:
Fantastic line art. I'll google translate those dialogues :D

To see more of his works and possibly contact this master artist, you might want to check this links:
Also, Mr. Roger Cruz is very generous and modest, talked to him once through exchange of comments.


  1. Erik,
    Thank you for featured!
    I very happy with your ​​words and know that you identified with the image of childhood.

    I loved Ben Tablet!
    Beautiful style!

    Sorry my bad English. I'm using Google translator.



  2. Oh, sir Roger! I'm glad you saw it. You deserve all the best, 'cause you're really good, one of the best really. No problem about the English, I tried to message you in Portuguese and I guess it's not good too. Thanks google for it anyway.

    Erik :-)