Wednesday, March 09, 2011

500! Ahoo!

To some, reaching 500 views is not even worth the wow. I celebrated reaching my first 300, drew portraits of my supporters to thank them, promised the next batch the same when I reached 500, and in just a day I did. That's 200+ views for a single day. This made me smile, really. But to some, it's not a big deal. Some sites/blogs I know, average more than a thousand a day, that would make my "celebrations" look stupid. But that's okay with me. For me, knowing people read my stuff, leave messages when they can, and share my links for others to click, that means a lot. Thanks everyone. I hope I could do more interesting articles and artworks that could really convince me my blog is worth your time.

In the mean time, I'm posting here the splash I did for my facebook account. Sorry, this was for the first 300. For the next batch of followers, you have my word, I'll do yours the first time I get the chance.

Uh just a call to action, to my reader Mitchtriousgirl, let me know how can I get your picture. As of the moment I don't have twitter. Obviously, this is for my next drawing project. Thank you. I hope you get to read this.

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