Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oishi's Cuckoomix

Works from long ago, in an office far far away... so don't call the numbers or ask for these events, they're long past gone or done or... none. Oh I miss this bird, I'll do something to see him more often, so watch out for some major cuckooness coming.

Special guest colorist: Jeffrey Benitez, ow yeah!

Cuckoo bird is not mine. I have my own bird. And I'll try not to be creative in writing this anymore because this is nothing more than a disclaimer to say that I don't own this character. I just did the artwork and plot and the colors too (on comics 1 and 2) but all the rights and the TMs and the circle Cs are reserved for Liwayway Marketing Corp. and Oishi. Yeah that sums everything. I'm just a fan! :)

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