Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Rather Unimportant Notice

Dear all but few followers and incidental readers,

In the next few posts, small changes will hit our pages. As Pilosopotassium blog is becoming more and more but a personal channel for myself (a channel which I openly share for everyone who has the time to lend), I decided not to host exclusively for the visual of arts but also for literature. Yes, I write from time to time. Short stories, short short stories, sometimes long short stories, poems and short short short stories. And that's not all. I also write (but of course!) in my native language. I'm a Filipino ladies and gentlemonsters, and so proud I want to enrich our already rich culture in arts and literature. So expect to see both English and Filipino (I'm still not that confident in my Japanese, so sorry) in the coming posts. Actually, this has been planned months and months ago. Google Adsense does not support Filipino language. At first I held back and tried talking English for their approval. But not anymore. I'll pursue what I want to say in the language I want to use. I took out my very few panels of advertisement to fully personalize (as in personal use) this blog. Away from commercial interest, away from profit (there's nothing bad about it!), I just want to write what I think is good. And that's it.

Thanks. :-D
Erik Katukomal

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