Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tasyong Hangin

Tasyong Hangin is a short story written by yours truly in 2012. It is an independent story but also a part of a novel nonetheless. Even so, understanding and/or enjoying Tasyong Hangin need/s no background whatsoever from the other parts of the novel (entitled Agaw-Anino, btw).

The story tells about a unique mind in a very unlikely place (and time, maybe), as writer Arturo takes a vacation to hometown Pampanga and tries to pick some lead to start a new story. Instead he meets a man too unique for his own good.

Here's the link:
Tasyong Hangin Part 1

Tasyong Hangin Part 2

Tasyong Hangin Last Part

If you liked it, extend kindness to give a feedback :) Enjoy!

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